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Copyright 1993-2022 Robert Pogatetz.  
All Rights Reserved.
18" x 14"
oil on canvas     

More city views
24" x 32"  oil on canvas

Spring View   
36" x 12"   
oil on canvas
 Robert Pogatetz
South Bridges    
36" x 24"  oil on canvas  
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20" x 16"
oil on canvas

Chicago Night
24" x 24"  oil on canvas

More men...
More men...
Blue Line
24" x  36" 
oil on canvas

Pink Line
14" x 18" oil on canvas
August Shore 
20" x 16"   oil on canvas

Chicago Night
24" x 24"
oil on canvas
"Marilyn in Art

"Madonna in Art"
MKE Night
12" x 9" 
on paper
Limited-Edition, Museum Quality
 Prints on Paper or Canvas Available!

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24" x 12"  
oil on canvas  
Library View
24" x 20"  
oil on canvas
Chicago at Dusk
34" x  46" 
oil on canvas
Empire State
30" x 10"
oil on canvas
Wabash View
42" x 28"
oil on canvas
Inquiring about payment
Damen el
16" x 20"
oil on canvas
Featured Artwork: 'Damen el'

'Damen el'
16" x 20" original oil on canvas with hand-painted sides, wired for immediate hanging & a lifetime of enjoyment...own it today!

'Damen el' expressively and colorfully highlights the iconic Coyote Tower (now Hotel Robey) as viewed
from the Damen el platform on the CTA's Blue Line in Chicago's historic & hip Wicker Park neighborhood.

This oil painting joyfully and emotionally captures my
one of a kind interpretation of the northwest facing vantage from one of the oldest stations in the city's venerable rapid transit system.

Celebrate this brand new wonderful year: 'Damen el' 
is available with hand-painted sides and wired for immediate hanging--and--a lifetime of enjoyment.

Own it today!

State & Lake
12" x 12"
oil on canvas