"Art is energy.  My paintings capture this energy with the catalyst being bold bright color.  Color, art form all its own, swirls with energy to create lasting images.  My work reflects this synergy as visual and emotional documentation."

Painting is an exhilarating experience. Creating art is a joyous, complete means
of sharing my artistic, metaphysical, and sensitive perception of life. The
result is experiencing growth, and great personal pleasure in sharing
visual expression and creative interpretation. When painting I learn
new aspects about my style, the world and myself.

Painting celebrity portraits and colorful landscapes brings me great delight.
My portraits capture inspiration for the human face and its features as an
exuberant portal to the soul, celebrating visual appeal as well as higher
spiritual energies. My landscapes are imbued with vibrancy, energy,
and movement; and are joyously inspired by colors, scenery,
urban life and nature; creating a visual and emotional
dance capturing the heart of their expressive creation.

My brush strokes are rich, happy, dancing and filled with movement providing
the viewer an original thought-provoking snapshot of life. The rich, buttery
texture of oil paint helps me achieve my goal of celebrating and documenting
life. When people view my work, I’d like them to be inspired with positive
energy and come away feeling uplifted with an expanded awareness.

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